About Us

Our Problem

We need to cut our greenhouse gas emissions by 100% by 2050.

Building materials make up 11% and are not exempt from our transition.

Building materials demand is on the rise & the world needs a solution!

Why Timber


The only building material that is renewable & sequester carbon.


New innovations enable timber to enter mid & high rise buildings.


EWP market growing from $337b to $537b by 2030.

Our Values

Solve The Problem Once, Use It Many Times.

In construction, we are used to the burden of unnecessary replication costs. For example, in a building, we put effort into design and then throw it in the bin after completion. We believe a better model is to solve the problem once and turn it into infrastructure for everyone to leverage.

Grow The Pie.

Mass timber construction is still a fraction of a percentage of the market share relative to concrete. The big opportunity is to grow the pie in multiples and generate mutual value for the industry. Growing the pie takes the industry forward, cutting the pie takes things to a halt.

Equal Opportunity.

We believe that everyone around the world who is talented and wants to work hard, should have an opportunity to enter the global market. As the world becomes more connected, we can provide opportunities to the most talented individuals to make an impact on the world.

Don’t Be Frugal On Bottlenecks.

The bottleneck, sometimes considered the critical path, or the root problem, is what yields the biggest opportunities for change. Therefore once identified, we believe in pursuing and solving the problem quickly and aggressively.

Our Team

Founder / CEO

Adam Jones

Adam Jones is the Founder of CLT Toolbox, a structural design software that aims to make mass timber design as easy as concrete or steel. Adam is on a mission to remove the bottlenecks to the adoption of mass timber by providing engineers with the tools and education needed to confidently design mass timber structures.

Leading a highly talented team of structural engineers, software developers, and sales professionals from around the world, Adam has developed a software that automates mass timber design routines and provides the education that was missing at university. CLT Toolbox offers trusted computation routines for mass timber calculations, enabling engineers to become timber specialists and tackle mass timber calculations with ease.

Adam’s commitment to promoting sustainable building practices and sharing knowledge with others has earned him industry recognition, including being named Future Green Leader of the Year by the Green Building Council of Australia in 2019. In addition to his work with CLT Toolbox, Adam is a prolific author and podcaster. He co-hosts What You Will Learn podcast with over 8 million downloads and the popular Timber Talks podcast interviewing the world leading experts on timber design. He is also a best selling author of the book The Sh*t They Never Taught You. 

Through his expertise and innovative software solutions, Adam continues to inspire and educate others, driving innovation and the adoption of sustainable building practices.

Co-founder & Chief Commercial Officer

Ringo Thomas

Ringo Thomas is a Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer at CLT Toolbox. With over a decade of experience in sales, Ringo is known as a mentor for budding entrepreneurs and has a track record of growing businesses in the Software Sector.

Ringo was the first employee and Head of Sales at Everest Engineering, ands played a critical role in the company’s growth and success. He took the company from a small startup to a thriving business with over 200 employees and $25 million in annual sales in under 5 years.

At CLT Toolbox, Ringo is responsible for overseeing the company’s capital raising, communications, go-to-market planning, strategy and execution. He is highly skilled in generative deals types and is an expert in vision and execution.

Chief Technical Officer

Ikhsan Agustian

Ikhsan Agustian is the Chief Technical Officer at CLT Toolbox, a leading provider of innovative structural design software for the mass timber industry. With over 10 years of experience in software development, Ikhsan is a highly skilled developer in modern PHP and JavaScript/TypeScript. He is known for his unique ability to convert highly complex Excel spreadsheets into functional software, which has been critical in driving down the cost of software development for structural design tools in the industry.

In addition to his technical skills, Ikhsan is an active supporter of the software developer community. He believes in making software development accessible to all and regularly shares his expertise through online forums and in-person events.

Ikhsan has a proactive approach to software development and is known for his ability to make any idea implementable with ease. He approaches each project with the attitude that it can be done, no matter how complex the challenge.

As a passionate innovator, Ikhsan has been instrumental in the development of CLT Toolbox. He has a strong understanding of the intersection between architecture and software development, which has helped to remove interdisciplinary conflict between structural engineering and software development in the industry.

Ikhsan’s technical expertise, passion for innovation, and proactive approach to software development have been critical in driving the success of CLT Toolbox. He is a valued member of the team and a respected leader in the industry.

Head of Calculation Development

Ari Yulianto

Ari Yulianto is a full-time contractor and Lead Calculator Developer at CLT Toolbox, based in Semarang, Indonesia. With over 10 years of experience in modern PHP and Javascript/Typescript development, Ari is a key member of the CLT Toolbox team. Collaborating closely with Ikhsan Agustian, Ari has mastered Ikhsan’s unique system for turning complex Excel spreadsheets into functional software, a skill that sets him apart from other software developers in the industry.

As the Lead Calculator Developer, Ari is responsible for the development of CLT Toolbox’s powerful calculators, which provide trusted computation routines for mass timber design. Using his expertise in PHP and Javascript/Typescript, Ari works to ensure that the calculators are accurate, reliable, and user-friendly, so that structural engineers can easily incorporate them into their design routines.

Ari’s skills and experience are essential to the success of CLT Toolbox, and his mastery of Ikhsan’s unique system has enabled the team to develop structural design software at a fraction of the cost of traditional software development.

Head of Engineering Ethiopia

Lelissie Bedada

Lelissie Bedada is the Head of Engineering based out of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, with over 8 years of experience. She graduated from Addis Ababa University and has brought extensive knowledge and expertise in structural design to the CLT Toolbox team.

Lelissie is not only an accomplished structural engineer, but also a talented leader with a passion for developing and mentoring her team. As the team leader for structural engineering, Lelissie is responsible for ensuring that the software meets the highest standards of quality and accuracy. Her leadership and expertise have been critical in driving the success of CLT Toolbox.

In addition to her technical responsibilities, Lelissie is also responsible for team growth and headcount. She is committed to building the best mass timber team in the world out of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and is dedicated to providing her team with the resources and support they need to succeed.

Lelissie is committed to delivering top-quality design and engineering services to customers while ensuring that the software remains user-friendly and accessible to anyone interested in using mass timber. She works closely with Wendy and the rest of the team to ensure that CLT Toolbox meets the needs of clients worldwide.

Lelissie’s expertise in structural design, her commitment to excellence, and her dedication to team growth and development have been instrumental in driving the success of CLT Toolbox. She is an emerging leader in the industry and is poised to make a significant impact on the future of mass timber.

Technical Lead CLT Toolbox

Wendirad Bedane

Wendirad is the technical lead of CLT Toolbox, a leading provider of structural design software for the mass timber industry. He is a world-class engineer with a first-principles understanding that sets him apart in the industry. He is responsible for ensuring the structural design accuracy of all computations in the software and is fast becoming one of the most technically competent experts in CLT Design in the world.

Wendirad exceptional skills and expertise have been critical in the development of CLT Toolbox. He rapidly learned CLT to the point where he could question Adam’s design assumptions that he had held for the last six years. His understanding of structural design and his commitment to excellence have been instrumental in driving the success of CLT Toolbox.

Wendirad is a structural engineer with more than 8 years of experience graduating from Addis Ababa University. He is based out of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and works closely with Lelissie Bedada and the rest of the team to ensure that CLT Toolbox delivers the best design software to customers around the world.

Wendirad is an extremely hard worker and is committed to the success of CLT Toolbox. He is dedicated to building the best design software in the world and is reassured that the company is well on its way to achieving that goal.

Lead Creative

Jack “Stubby” Turner

Jack “Stubby” Turner, the Lead Designer of the team, is based in Melbourne and has been friends with Adam since they were 8 years old. Jack has a remarkable reputation as one of Australia’s top designers. He has been involved in designing for Adam’s books, podcast logos, and now the software. Jack has several achievements, including leading the design and branding of the software app, pitch deck, business proposals, and website.

Before joining Adam’s team, Jack held several positions as a lead designer, including working with top clothing brands like Lee and Wrangler. Jack currently holds the position of lead designer for his own board short company, Skwosh. Jack’s innovative and creative approach to design, combined with his years of experience, brings a unique perspective to the team.

Eurocode Design Lead

Marko Dimitrijevic

Marko Dimitrijevic is a highly skilled structural engineer with over 7 years of experience. He brings a niche expertise in CLT design to the European design context. As a part-time contractor for the team, he plays a crucial role in ensuring that our software is “Europe Ready”. Marko’s knowledge and experience in European design standards and practices allow us to better serve our customers in this region. His attention to detail and commitment to excellence make him an invaluable member of our team.
PR Lead and Executive Assistant to Adam Jones

Mariella Perolina

Mariella Krizen Perolina has been working with Adam for 5 years as an assistant. She is a versatile and quick learner, capable of taking on various tasks with ease. Among her roles and achievements are managing Adam’s LinkedIn and Instagram accounts with regular posts, handling his calendar and scheduling podcast topics, and implementing design information in the education section of the software. Mariella’s diverse skill set and efficiency make her an invaluable asset to the team.
Customer Success

Corey Jones

Before Corey joined the Toolbox team she had a 10 year career with The Australian Ballet where she travelled Australia and the world performing. She is excited to put her past ballet dedication into the Toolbox journey.

Corey will be looking after admin to support the company, and will be working closely with co-founder Ringo to ensure customer success. She is eager to connect with the users of CLT Toolbox to ensure they have an incredible journey.

Oh, and she happens to be the wife of Adam Jones!

HRGA, Finance & Accounting

Estiana Prastiowati

Estiana Prastiowati, our proficient HRGA, Finance & Accounting specialist, holds a Bachelor’s degree in management. With extensive experience in export companies, particularly in garments, Estiana has adeptly managed large teams. Her skills encompass diverse domains, including HRGA & Payroll, Exim, Compliance, and PPIC. Estiana excels in MS Office, Indonesian labor law, tax systems, SOP creation, financial statements, office layout management, recruitment processes, interviews, and employee counseling. Estiana’s expertise in managing multifaceted HRGA and finance functions greatly enriches the CLT Toolbox, making her an indispensable asset to our team.
Web Developer

Riza Eka Febriansah

Riza Eka Febriansah, our Junior Web Developer, is a dedicated member of the CLT Toolbox team. Currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Informatics and Technology, he’s actively expanding his knowledge to enhance his skills further. Riza embarked on his web development journey in 2021, gaining valuable experience in local companies. Proficient in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP, he crafts interactive web solutions that seamlessly merge design and functionality. With a strong foundation and a passion for continuous growth, Riza contributes to CLT Toolbox’s web development endeavors with enthusiasm and skill.

Web Developer


Hariyanto, our accomplished Senior Web Developer, has been a driving force at CLT Toolbox. With a web journey dating back to 2018, Hariyanto excels in PHP, developing web apps and personal projects. He’s an independent problem solver, leveraging online resources for solutions. Formerly a sales assistant, Hariyanto’s background includes creating a minimalist Laravel framework and writing ebooks on mastering PHP. His contributions extend to projects like the Spesial Page web builder and Balepanjang digital government services. Hariyanto’s expertise in PHP OOP, MySQL, and more, greatly enriches CLT Toolbox’s web development pursuits.

Web Developer

Muhammad Hasan

Muhammad Hasan is an accomplished Senior Web Developer, holding a Master of Technology degree. With his web programming journey commencing in 2014, he also boasts experience as a computer educator in Jakarta. With more than 4 years of dedicated expertise in web programming and an additional 2 years specializing in mobile programming, Muhammad’s zeal for upgrading his skill set aligns with the latest programming languages. He excels in adapting swiftly, thriving within collaborative teams, and showcasing unwavering loyalty. Muhammad’s versatile skill set and dedication render him a pivotal asset to the CLT Toolbox team.

Web Developer

Dhia Aziz Rizqi

Dhia Aziz Rizqi Arrahman is a seasoned Senior Web Developer with a Bachelor’s degree in Informatics and Technology. With experience dating back to 2017 from engagements with local companies, Dhia has honed his skills in application development and web design. His expertise aligns seamlessly with the backend/frontend engineer role at CLT Toolbox, making him an ideal candidate to contribute to our company’s success.

3D Design

Muchamad Hailal Syah

Muchamad Hailal Syah, our 3D Design specialist, contributes his architectural expertise to the dynamic team at CLT Toolbox. With a foundation that began in 2019, he immersed himself in government-subsidized housing development projects, lending his skills to both design and construction phases. Proficient in Autocad and Sketchup, Muchamad transforms architectural visions into reality. Holding a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from Universitas Katolik Soegijapranata Semarang, his prowess in computer-aided design is enhanced by hands-on experience in Semarang’s construction landscape. Energetic and committed, Muchamad ensures that each task he undertakes aligns with CLT Toolbox’s mission of excellence.

Senior Structural Engineer

Bezawit Mazengia

Bezawit Mazengia is a senior structural engineer in Ethiopia with an academic excellence marked by a 3.74 GPA in her undergraduate studies from Addis Ababa University and a 3.84 GPA in her master’s studies from Bahir Dar University. Bezawit has showcased a profound understanding of her field. Her master’s thesis explored numerical study of wall sandwich panels on ANSYS and development of interaction diagrams for those panels. 

Additionally, she harbors a passion for computer programming, having pursued courses in Python and data science on edX with IBM. She also incorporated computer programming in her master’s thesis by developing a computer application for the development of interaction diagrams of sandwich wall panels. Professionally, she’s been pivotal as an Engineering Lecturer at the University of Gondar since October 2018, delivering courses like Engineering Mechanics-I and Theory of Structures. Before this, Bezawit interned at Flint Stone Homes Engineering, where she worked on a 3B+G+23 building project, gaining hands-on experience in structural analysis, cost estimation, and practical knowledge on building construction. 

Outside the academic and professional realm, Bezawit is committed to community service, volunteering in teaching, software training, and blood donation programs. With proficiency in tools like AutoCAD, ETABS, SAP, ANSYS, and Python, she aspires to shape the future of structural engineering in the world. 

Senior Structural Engineer

Soliyana Kassahun

Soliyana Kassahun is a senior structural engineer based out of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia renowned for her focus on sustainable building using mass timber products. A graduate of Addis Ababa University, she earned her Masters of Science in Structural Engineering in 2023 with a notable GPA of 3.45. Her groundbreaking master’s thesis, “Effect of Human Induced Vibrations on Cross-Laminated Timber Floor Design,” emphasizes the significance of Cross-Laminated Timber in modern construction and its vibrational resilience. This study, awarded an “Excellent” grade, highlights her commitment to combating global warming through innovative structural solutions. Professionally, Soliyana is adept in software like ETABS, SAP, AutoCAD, and DLUBAL RFEM. She has fortified her academic knowledge with practical experiences at prominent firms such as MH Engineering PLC and Mela Construction PLC. Bilingual in Amharic and English, her exceptional communication abilities, combined with her fervor for eco-friendly engineering, position her as a prominent figure in structural engineering. 
Senior Structural Engineer

Tewodros Heylemelecot

Tewodros Heylemelecot, is a senior structural engineer based out of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia with a BSc in civil engineering and an MSc in structural engineering from the esteemed Jimma Institute of Technology. His academic excellence is evident, with a 3.88 GPA for his master’s and 3.61 for his bachelor’s degree. Tewodros’s research, graded “Excellent,” focused on the mechanical properties of rubberized green concrete and its bond-slip dynamics. 

Professionally, Tewodros began his journey as an assistant lecturer at Debre Tabor University in 2016, teaching and guiding students. By 2019, he had evolved into a lecturer and researcher, contributing to curriculum reviews, organizing seminars, and playing an active role in practical projects like the ABAY Bridge. He worked as a Professional Structural Designer I at ETG Consulting Architects and Engineers Share Company in 2023, where he designs advanced structural systems, supervises their implementation, and collaborates across multidisciplinary teams. 

Beyond academia and work, Tewodros actively presents research at conferences, like his paper on steel fibers’ impact on beam strength, and engages in numerous trainings and workshops. Proficient in ETABS, SAP, and programming languages, he balances technical expertise with a strong sense of community, volunteering, and teamwork. His ultimate aspiration is to shape the future landscape of structural engineering, leaving an indelible mark on the profession. 

Finance and Administration Manager - Ethiopia

Masresha Alemu

Masresha is an execution and results-driven professional with 15 years of experience in the financial services industry with a global mindset. Earlier in his career, Masresha worked with Indochine Apparel as a senior accountant and financial controller and with Y.D.L.B. Business P.L.C. as a finance manager. In addition to his current roles, he serves as general manager of Hiber Telecom Trading. Masresha earned an undergraduate degree in accounting from Addis Ababa University and a Master of Science degree in accounting and finance from New Global Vision College. 

Skills: Forecasting, Budgeting, Financial Analysis and Reporting ( Financial position, Profit and loss statement, Cash flow statement), Financial Modeling, Strategic Financial Planning, Implementation of US GAAP, IFRS, software like Peachtree, simply accounting. 

Senior Structural Engineer

Girum Demissie

Girum Alem Demissie is the Senior Structural Engineer at CLT Toolbox, holding a BSc degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Gondar and an MSc degree in Structural Engineering from Addis Ababa Science and Technology University. His expertise extends to research software, including ANSYS and ABAQUS, and he excels in AutoCAD, SAP, ETABS, and EAGLE POINT. Proficient in MS Office applications, Girum leverages Excel to develop design templates effectively. With a robust educational background and a diverse skill set, he plays a pivotal role in CLT Toolbox’s structural engineering endeavors.
Junior Structural Engineer

Fantaye Ketemaw

Fantaye Ketemaw, our Junior Structural Engineer at CLT Toolbox, holds a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering. Her collaborative nature has been a significant asset in project teamwork, reflecting her responsibility and organizational skills. Fantaye is known for her quick learning ability and adaptability to new technologies and procedures. Her journey in the field has evolved from a data collector to a formwork office engineer, where she has successfully contributed to various formwork designs, making valuable contributions to the company’s success.
Administrative Assistant

Arsema Araya

Arsema Assefa Araya, our Administrative Assistant, is a driven and ambitious professional with dual degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Accounting. Fueled by a passion for innovation, problem-solving, and business acumen, she combines her strong technical background with financial analysis skills to contribute to the success of organizations in the engineering and finance sectors. Arsema possesses robust analytical and problem-solving abilities, evident in her track record of conquering intricate engineering and financial challenges. Her exceptional communication skills, both written and verbal, enable effective collaboration with technical and non-technical stakeholders. She thrives in fast-paced, deadline-driven environments, excelling both independently and as part of a team. Her dedication and versatile skill set make her an invaluable asset to CLT Toolbox.
Senior Structural Engineer

Kidist Bedada

Kidist Bedada is a Senior Structural Engineer at CLT Toolbox with a strong background in academia and structural engineering, with a BSc in Civil Engineering and an MSc in Structural Engineering from Addis Ababa Institute of Technology. She is very committed to growth and earned a certificate by taking courses in Characterization Methods of Blended Cements and Python Basics for Data Science. She also earned a certificate of participation in Sustainable Construction for Sub-Saharan Africa, which showcases her passion for sustainability. She excels in academia and research, notably as a Lecturer at the University of Gondar and a Research Assistant on Green Construction project. 

A proactive professional dedicated to continuous learning, Kidist is passionate about sustainable construction practices and stays updated with the latest technologies in the field. Her exceptional organizational skills, attention to detail, and commitment to quality make her a valuable asset to CLT Toolbox team, driving forward projects with precision and innovation. 

Junior Structural Engineer

Dagnachew Bayeta

Dagnachew Bayeta, a recent civil engineering graduate from Jimma University, is a Junior Structural Engineer at CLT Toolbox with a passion for timber design and sustainable engineering solutions. Dagnachew has completed certificate programs in AutoCAD and Bill of Quantity, and Take-Off software, showcasing advanced proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite and a keen ability to leverage technology in engineering practices. 

Equipped with practical experience from internships and hands-on projects, Dagnachew brings skills in structural analysis, design, and project management to the CLT Toolbox. His innovative mindset, meticulous attention to detail, and problem-solving capabilities make him a valuable addition to the CLT Toolbox team. He is eager to contribute expertise and collaborate on impactful projects. 

Junior Structural Engineer

Ashenafi Wubishet

Ashenafi Wubishet, our Junior Structural Engineer at CLT Toolbox, graduated with a B.Sc. in Civil Engineering from Haramaya University. With experience spanning junior site engineering, work inspection, and drafting, Ashenafi has developed a comprehensive skill set that includes site monitoring, report preparation, technical design accuracy, and construction project management. His adeptness at overseeing construction work, supervising staff, and ensuring project specifications are met demonstrates a keen eye for detail and a commitment to project excellence. Ashenafi’s proficiency in calculating quantities and managing Bills of Quantities (BOQ) underscores his analytical capabilities and understanding of construction dynamics. Ashenafi is skilled in Microsoft Office and engineering software such as RFEM, ETABS, AutoCAD, and Revit. His effective communication and ability to thrive in both independent and collaborative settings make him a dynamic addition to our CLT Toolbox team. 
Junior Structural Engineer

Mekides Tadesse

Mekides Tadesse, our Junior Structural Engineer at CLT Toolbox, holds a BSc degree in civil Engineering from Debre Berhan University and an MSc degree in Structural Engineering from Addis Ababa Science and Technology University. Her practical experience includes working on road construction projects as a data collector for one year and serving as a team leader for four months at Fireside Engineering Solutions, where she excelled in facilitating site work, managing daily activities, and overseeing site management effectively. 

Mekides is skilled in Microsoft Office and engineering software such as ANSYS, INROADS, ETABS, SAP, ABAQUS, and AutoCAD. 

Mekides is known for her communicative, energetic, and motivated personality. She is creative, cooperative, and highly capable of working with others towards achieving organizational goals. Her commitment to excellence and her ability to manage and execute engineering projects make her a valuable addition to the CLT Toolbox team, where she is eager to apply her skills and knowledge in structural engineering to contribute to the company’s success. 

Junior Structural Engineer

Neway Teshome

Neway Teshome, a Junior Structural Engineer at CLT Toolbox, holds a Civil Engineering degree from Haramaya University Institute of Technology. His academic competence is highlighted by his B.Sc. project on the analysis and design of a G+6 iconic building. He is skilled in Microsoft Office and engineering software such as ETABS and AutoCAD. 

Professionally, Neway has built a diverse portfolio, starting with his current role as a Work Inspector for IDCON Infrastructure Development Consultants P.L.C., overseeing a significant road project. His previous positions include Project Consultant and Manager for the Shewa Peace and Development Association’s rebuilding project, and a Site Engineer for a building construction project. His career began with an internship at Country Club Developer P.L.C. (CCD), laying the foundation for his growth in the field. 

Neway’s broad expertise and practical experience in both infrastructure development and management projects showcase his adaptability and commitment, making him a valuable member of the CLT Toolbox engineering team. 

Junior Structural Engineer

Fikru Tsega

Fikru Tsega, our Junior Structural Engineer at CLT Toolbox, graduated with a B.Sc. in Civil Engineering from Jimma University. His academic excellence is complemented by leadership roles in the university’s student charity club and student union from 2013 to 2014 E.C., earning him certificates for his active involvement. 

Proficient in both basic and specialized computer applications, Fikru is skilled in Microsoft Office and engineering software such as SAP, Civil 3D, AutoCAD, and Eagle Point. His blend of technical expertise and leadership experience makes him an invaluable member of the CLT Toolbox team, ready to tackle challenging structural engineering projects with innovation and precision. 

Web Developer & 2D, 3D Designer

Rezal Wahyu Pratama

Rezal Wahyu Pratama is our skilled Web Developer & 2D, 3D Designer at CLT Toolbox, holding a Bachelor’s degree in Informatics and Technology. Between 2019 and 2020, Rezal contributed his talents as a video editor to the “Protect the Forest Project,” blending technical skill and creativity to support environmental initiatives. From 2020 to 2023, he expanded his expertise as a web developer, maintenance engineer, and software engineer with a focus on game development. 

Rezal has a broad range of experience in developing various websites and games, demonstrating proficiency in programming languages and tools such as PHP (Codeigniter, Laravel, Native), HTML, CSS, JavaScript (Node.js, Native), Unity, C#, and Git. He is also skilled in database management with MySQL and PostgreSQL, and design and mapping tools like Figma and Leaflet, coupled with GIS knowledge. His diverse skill set in both web development and 2D,3D design makes him a versatile and valuable asset to the CLT Toolbox team, capable of tackling complex projects with innovative solutions. 

Novandra Zulfi Rammadhan
Web Developer

Novandra Zulfi Rammadhan

Novandra Zulfi Rammadhan, a Web Developer at CLT Toolbox, boasts a Bachelor’s in Informatics and Technology. Since 2019, he has been building worldwide quality applications, utilizing modern technologies across various domains. Novandra excels in frontend development with React and Next.js, backend development with Go and Node.js, mobile app development with Flutter, React Native, and Kotlin, and AI projects using PyTorch and Langchain. 

His technical proficiency spans a wide range of tools and languages, including NestJS, Laravel, NodeJS, ASP.Net for backend; ReactJS, TailwindCSS, and Material-UI for frontend; and Flutter and Kotlin for mobile and desktop applications. Novandra is also adept in UI animation, unit testing, and CI/CD processes, leveraging tools like Jenkins, GitHub Actions, and VScode. His comprehensive skill set in programming and development makes him a crucial asset to the CLT Toolbox team, driving innovation in web and application development. 

Web Developer

Nur Afianto

Nur Afianto is a Web Developer at CLT Toolbox with a Bachelor’s degree in Informatics and Technology. Since 2018, he has gained experience as a Full Stack Developer in a local company and as a freelance web developer.

Nur Afianto is proficient in a variety of technologies, including Laravel, CodeIgniter, ReactJS, Vue, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Bootstrap, Tailwind, Flutter, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP. His diverse skill set in both front-end and back-end development enables him to contribute effectively to multifaceted web projects, making him a valuable asset to the CLT Toolbox team. 

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