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CLT Toolbox is the structural design software that will enable your organisation design sustainable timber buildings.

CLT Toolbox is the software that:
- is not a black box
- provides reliable best practice design methods from around the globe
- up to date supply chain availability
- educational content and features
- structural optimisation

In this demo, a CLT Toolbox representative will show the software and discuss how it can help you win more mass timber projects.

Learn about the opportunities for engineers to contribute to reducing the embodied carbon impacts of our buildings.

Learn about the most common mistakes that are made in the design of mass timber.

Learn about the different CLT design methods and when they are most appropriate.

Detailed education to the audience of CLT Toolbox calculators.

Provide the detailed design of a full building using automated calculation routines in the software.

Join us to learn how CLT Toolbox can help transform your mass timber design work and enhance your expertise in this growing field.

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Adam Jones is the Founder of CLT Toolbox

Adam Jones is the Founder of CLT Toolbox, a structural design software that aims to make mass timber design as easy as concrete or steel. Adam is on a mission to remove the bottlenecks to the adoption of mass timber by providing engineers with the tools and education needed to confidently design mass timber structures.

Leading a highly talented team of structural engineers, software developers, and sales professionals from around the world, Adam has developed a software that automates mass timber design routines and provides the education that was missing at university. CLT Toolbox offers trusted computation routines for mass timber calculations, enabling engineers to become timber specialists and tackle mass timber calculations with ease.

Adam’s commitment to promoting sustainable building practices and sharing knowledge with others has earned him industry recognition, including being named Future Green Leader of the Year by the Green Building Council of Australia in 2019. In addition to his work with CLT Toolbox, Adam is a prolific author and podcaster, hosting the popular Timber Talks podcast and a podcast on books about business, marketing, and self-improvement.

Through his expertise and innovative software solutions, Adam continues to inspire and educate others, driving innovation and the adoption of sustainable building practices.

Mass Timber Design Made Easy.