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The Problem

Engineers are building spreadsheets to perform their designs.

  • Spreadsheets are replicated. Engineering firms are reinventing the wheel building the same spreadsheets.
  • Spreadsheets aren’t always right. Without the education, first version spreadsheets may be inaccurate.
  • Spreadsheets become redundant. When design methods, supplier grades or supplier sizes change, spreadsheets become redundant (or incur maintenance fees)

Mass timber is not adequately taught at university.

  • If its not at university, engineers need to learn on the job. This can be a significant time fee that is incurred on the engineering firms.
  • Its difficult to be across all resources globally. WoodSolutions Guides, Woodworks guides, Proholz Guides, FP Innovations and local standards.
  • Knowing what the authorative and best practice design method takes expertise.

Why Software

Make mass timber an accessible tool. 

Software saves time for engineers making mass timber a true option for all projects. 

Leverage the best design computations. 

Take advantage of the world’s best design methods and third party review process. 

Optimise for the most cost effective solution.

Calculation confidence improves efficiency on design, improving cost effectiveness for your clients.

Don’t worry about calculation maintenance. 

Suppliers can change their design data and design methods update. This results in maintenance costs that are not necessary for engineers to burden. 

Delegate with confidence. 

Controlled peer reviewed software enables engineers to delegate to team members with calculation confidence.  

We provide the education that was missing at university.

At CLT Toolbox, we simplify mass timber design by providing the missing education and resources that engineers need to confidently navigate the design process.

Our app includes lectures for each calculator, summarised resources for context on each input, and transparency, so you know what the mass timber software is doing. With our app, engineers can quickly and accurately design mass timber structures with confidence.

Transparent, streamlined and intuitive calculation routines.

CLT Toolbox simplifies mass timber design software, making it accessible to any structural engineer. Our transparent calculation routines are not a black box, allowing you to follow the design methods.

We also provide up-to-date supply chain availability and supplier contacts, enabling streamlined supply procurement.

CLT Toolbox provides the necessary CLT design constraints with transparent design methods to automate mass timber design.

Collaborate with colleagues.

Engineers don’t work in isolation, they work as a team. The ability to share projects and assign computations with colleagues is crucial to enable collaboration on projects.

CLT Toolbox provides the ability to collaborate successfully with your colleagues.

Reliable best practice design methods.

CLT Toolbox is your one-stop-shop for staying up-to-date with the evolving field of mass timber design with CLT design software. We bring together the best practice resources from around the world, and our calculations are third-party reviewed by world-class timber specialists to ensure their accuracy.

Structural engineers are key in the decarbonisation of our planet.


Timber is the only renewable building material. We can grow our buildings like we grow our food.

Improve your embodied carbon

Timber buildings report a significant reduction in embodied carbon compared to a concrete benchmark.

Deliver for clients

Embodied carbon reduction targets are becoming increasingly adopted in the construction industry, making mass timber an essential option for all structural engineers

Growing supply chain

The mass timber supply chain is growing in capacity to enable the growth in demand of sustainable products.
Viridi group

“Finally there is design software that enables mass timber. I can now confidently provide a mass timber option on my concept designs.”

Jade VindottoWSP

“CLT Toolbox educates as well as assists through design. This is an essential part of any structural engineer's toolkit.”

Luke ParkerArup

“I've always been interested in designing with mass timber to enable the biophilia and ESD benefits for projects. Our firm uses this software daily to enable the demands of clients and architects.”

Kim MeasleyTTW
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Timber Specialist


Use our CLT design software to expedite your learning and design journey on your road to becoming a Timber Specialist.


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Business Goals


Achieve your company’s embodied carbon targets by providing the tools with your team to design sustainably. CLT Toolbox can offer tailored education and software solutions.



Having started with timber engineering more than 20 years ago and delivered structures in Europe, Asia and finally in Australia the process of getting designs valuated and approved by local authorities has been a challenge. Timeframes blowing out in the process. CLT Toolbox has streamlined the design and documentation making it easy to refer to the correct clause in the required standard. It also helps us immensely when comparing different supplier’s materials and assessing like for like solutions. CLT Toolbox is easy to use, adjustable input for any supplier and has clear explanation for certifier/authorities.

Bernhard Waschl

CLT toolbox has helped simplify the organisation and transparency of engineering calculations by providing a ‘once stop shop’ for all relevant designs. I like the explanations attached to some of the calculations which is a big bonus for the younger engineers learning the ropes, which in turn takes gives some time back to the senior engineers not having to repeat the same concepts over. I think its an important tool to breaking down the barriers of Mass Timber design which historically has had a varied approach within the industry. 

Matthew Burke 
Structural Engineer

“The CLT Toolbox is an essential piece of software for any organisation working with mass timber. It provides efficient workflows for design areas that need to synthesize local and overseas codes, it greatly assists with managing QA and also serves as a solid educational tool for training new team members. The team at CLT Toolbox have delivered an app that the market really needs” 

Robbert Svars
General Manager


CLT Toolbox Australia/New Zealand

$600AUD / Per license / Quarter
or $2000 annually.

  • Mass timber supply chain available in Aus/NZ
  • GLT beam, column and penetration calculators.
  • CLT floor, wall and point load calculators.
  • CLT fire design.
  • AS1720 and Eurocode 5

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CLT Toolbox Europe

Discounted license sales for Europe as we
prepare for our upcoming 2024 launch

  • We’re onboarding Euro supply chain concurrently.
  • GLT beam, column and penetration calculators.
  • CLT floor, wall and point load calculators.
  • CLT fire design.
  • Revised Eurocode 5 edition

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