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Make Mass Timber An Accessible Tool. 

Software saves time for engineers making mass timber a true option for all projects.

Leverage The Best Design Computations.

Take advantage of the world’s best design methods and third party review process.

Optimise For The Most Cost Effective Solution.

Calculation confidence improves efficiency on design, improving cost effectiveness for your clients.

Don’t Worry About Calculation Maintenance.

Suppliers can change their design data and design methods update. This results in maintenance costs that are not necessary for engineers to burden.

Delegate With Confidence.

Controlled peer reviewed software enables engineers to delegate to team members with calculation confidence.

Access to existing 12-member design calculators including.

  • CLT Floor Design
  • European Char Models
  • Point Loads
  • CLT Wall Design
  • GLT Beam
  • GLT Column
  • GLT Beam Penetration
  • Crushing

Coming soon through 2024

  • Screw design (EC5)
  • Dowel and bolt design
  • Steel plate design
  • Net cross section failure
  • Tolerances
  • Ribbed decks
  • Timber concrete composites
  • And more

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A New Software Dedicated To Mass Timber

Software tailored for the needs of the timber industry.

We’re a team dedicated to building software tailored to the needs of the timber supply chain:

  • Software dedicated to building infrastructure for products in the timber ecosystem
  • Supply chain availability. 
  • Integration of member design & connections. 
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An Educational Design Platform

We’re committed to educating the design community on the best ways to design with mass timber:

  • Ability to integrate video & written education of your solution.
  • Clearly referenced for safe design of your products. 
  • Not a black box. 
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Software Infrastructure Is Key To Making Mass Timber Easy

We’re solving the hard design problems, turning it into infrastructure for designers to leverage:

  • Designers take the path of least resistance.
  • Without software, engineers need to read & interpret PDFs, & create spreadsheets to perform designs.
  • Software can go beyond existing workflows to enable ultimate simplicity. 
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