Quality Process

Our quality process ensures the development and delivery of high-quality software products. It involves a systematic approach to defining, measuring, and improving the quality of software by following different steps.

CLT Toolbox Builds Calculators

  • CLT Toolbox undertakes an extensive calculator production process. This includes building an excel spreadsheet to do the calculation. Secondly a software developer is assigned to transform the excel spreadsheet into workable software format.
  • CLT Toolbox adheres to self-checking all calculations for accuracy.​
  • Additionally, the CLT Toolbox team builds the educational features in parallel and ensures the calculator is transparent and not a black box from the very beginning.

After Step 1, the calculator is tagged as “alpha”. CLT Toolbox users do not have access to the calculators at this stage.

CLT Toolbox excel calculator for screw design.

CLT Toolbox Completes Internal Review Of Calculator.

  • After the first calculator has been created, a second structural engineer is assigned to the calculator.​
  • This second engineer goes through an extensive review process of each calculation that has been made.
  • The internal review can be completed a number of ways, including:​
    • The internal review can be completed a number of ways, including:​ Matching inputs and reviewing outputs to other designs.
      For example, matching a worked example from multiple structural design guides.​​
    • Building alternative design routines, for example through mathcad automated designs.​
    • Or where applicable checking against other structural design software.​
  • The review also considers labels, equations, references and formatting to ensure positive user experience.

After Step 2, the calculator is put onto the platform with the tag “beta”. This is available to software users.​

CLT Toolbox software calculators at "beta" stage.

CLT Toolbox Builds Calculators

  • CLT Toolbox engages an engineer, widely regarded as the world’s best engineer for the chosen calculation.​
  • The reviewer is carefully selected based on being the best in class on the design topic.​
  • This review process includes calculation accuracy in case any errors may be found.​​
  • Additionally, the reviewer provides comments on the overall user experience and education to improve the product for the structural engineering users.

After Step 3, the third party review process is complete. Now the calculator loses the “beta” tag . The calculator production process is then complete

Calculators will appear without beta symbol once
step 3 is completed.

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