We’re building structural engineering software infrastructure to make mass timber a mainstream materials. We want to partner with those who want to grow the mass timber pie with us.

Design Routines.

We have dedicated teams focusing on solving the most relevant and up-to-date design methods for the use of engineers.

Not A
Black Box.

Without the education, lead project engineers and certifiers, need to follow transparent computation routines as they learn.

Modern Mass
Timber Software.

A web-based app that is connected to the evolvoing software ecosystem.

Third Party

The very best experts qualify the accuracy of the software solutions, ensuring safe and efficient design.


Why host your products on CLT Toolbox?

Receive Inbound Leads.

Engineers use CLT Toolbox for preliminary designs.

Products On Early Drawings.​

Supplier products on the first set of engineering drawings, are the most likely to be built with.

Release Load On Internal Staff.

Our software educates your clients on designing with mass timber, eliminating replicated conversations across the engineering community.

Let Us Care About The Maintenance.​

Our software has all the latest design methods. And if you want to change your grades and sizes, it can be done with immediate effect.

Make It Easy For Your Clients.

Structural engineers follow the path of least resistance. Software enables more timber buildings and more of your products specified.
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Our Suppliers Partners.


Engineering students are the future of sustainability.

Students need to be equipped with the design skills for the future.

Designing with mass timber is in high demand for Tier 1 engineering firms as they set ambitious embodied carbon target.

Students are the most progressive demographic.

But they are only offered education primarily on concrete or steel.

Students can use CLT Toolbox in their student elective projects.

We want to empower students to use CLT Toolbox to elect a mass timber option for their university projects.

1 Month Free Trial

Our Universities Partners.


We’re solving a major bottleneck to the adoption of mass timber, by building tools, to enable engineer traditionalists to become timber specialists. We believe this will grow the pie of mass timber in your region.

Timber Specialist:

If a timber specialist is engaged, the timber option, assuming it is the best solution based on the client’s goals, is likely to be included in a concept design.

Engineer Traditionalist:

If the engineer is without experience, then a timber solution is unlikely to be proposed. Therefore, if the industry is able to enable more timber specialists, then we can expect the demand of timber to increase.

We wrote a White Paper illustrating how we can solve the problems of structural engineers to transform the mass timber market globally:

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